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Bulk carriers

PMS crewing company invites for employment seamen who have experience of work on large bulk carriers. Presently PMS recruits complete crews on all fifty bulk carriers of Laskaridis Shipping Ltd company. The vessels, built on Chinese shipyards in 2010- 2021, have deadweight from 60000 to 207000 tons and are successfully operating.


When selecting key specialists, PMS adheres to the following standards. The seaman has to have a high qualification for the proposed type of vessel and have at least two or three contracts on bulk carriers of comparable tonnage in the last two or three calendar years in the position he intends to apply. Confident knowledge of English is a necessary condition. The following positions on the ship are qualified as key specialists:

Master, chief mate, chief engineer, second engineer, electro-technical officer.

Electro-technical officer has to have qualification of 1 or 2 categories and verified practical experience of work with A1 class marine system automatics – unmanned machine operation.Thisseas

The contracts lasts 6 months. The crew is Russian speaking. The salaries are high. Taking into account the history of the company (more than 30 years of work) the seamen can count on long term cooperation with the company and rank promotion on condition of positive feedback and recommendations according to the contract results.

 The sailor can express his intention to be registered with further interview and offer of employment in the company by filling in the Application form of the company (Pre-Employment Check List), having preliminary downloaded it from the "Download the Application form" window and then sending it to the PMS email address, indicated in the "Send the Application form" window. Crewing manager will examine your form and, after your preliminary approval, will contact you and inform about further procedure.

Documents necessary for each position (diplomas and certificates) are indicated in the window «Certificates».

Before approval all candidates of management level undergo Skype – interview with the crewing department of the main office of Laskaridis Shipping Ltd. Company in Athens.


PMS Crewing company invites for employment seamen who have experience of work on chemical tankers. "Alison Management Corp." Company, which is a subsidiary company of "Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd.", owns twelve vessels. Tankers are used both for transportation of oil products between the ports and for suppling vessels with fuel at sea. Salaries are high withing the current market limits in this industry. Jason

Also, PMS recruits complete crews on tankers with deadweight from 5500 to 17000. All tankers have Oil/Chemical class and work in various regions of world ocean such as: southwest Atlantic (Falkland Islands region), Gulf of Guinea, southeast Pacific, Indian Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico region, ports of Brazil.

The main type of activity of the tankers is supplying different vessels at sea with fuel or transportation of oil/chemical cargoes to specific frights.

PMS invites the seamen of all specialties with previous experience of work on the tankers of «Laskaridis Shipping Ltd». You can attend the office of PMS or send your Application form to our mail.Seafrost

According to the industrial requirements (OCIMF), senior staff of management level (master, chief officer, chief engineer, second engineer) and persons who personally conduct loading, unloading, cargo safety control operations (pumpmen), must have not less than 12 months experience of work in this position in the last three calendar years on the vessels of this class (Oil/Chemical).

Documents necessary for each position (diplomas and certificates) are indicated in the window «Certificates». Additional certificates for tanker crews are indicated in the second list.

Refrigerator vessel

The company proceeds with recruiting the seamen for refrigerator vessels of Laskaridis Shipping Ltd. The department of transportation of frozen and cooled products is the oldest department of the company. It is steadily developing and safe direction.

Cool GirlRefrigerator fleet of the company works in all regions of the World Ocean and has 23 vessels with hold capacity from 375000 до 548000 cubic feet. The vessels carry full range of refrigerated cargo from squid and krill to bananas and juice concentrates.

The requirements to the candidates for reefer fleet vessels include both the requirements to the experience of work on the vessels of this type (for senior command staff) and the requirements of work on vessels of any type. More detailed information concerning the experience of work you can find on the page «Certificates».Rainbow

The duration of contract is 6 months. Russian-speaking crew. High salaries.

The cadet program is introduced in all fleets of Laskaridis Shipping Ltd. The program is intended for training young officers for the company. In the last 8 years the cadet program was completed by 360 seamen. More than 270 continue working in the company and 27 officers have grown to the positions of Chief mate or 2nd engineer.

Due to its work experience, long history and cooperation with reliable shipowner, Proteas Marine Service company may guarantee long-term, safe employment and salary to its seamen.

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